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Interactive sculpture, Toronto, 2018

Commissioned by the City of Toronto for the ‘King Street Pilot Project’

Tracing a line in space and presenting opportunities for open-ended use and occupation by all, ‘Ziggy’ is an invitation to linger on King Street. Simple and playful, this painted tubular steel frame is a ‘social infrastructure’ – a piece of urban furniture that provides potential moments for shared experiences. As an analog prompt in a digital age, this structure hopes to bring people together and offer moments of connection.

Facing the street, the crown-like continuous zigzag provides a clear identity for the installation. The sidewalk-side, composed of V-supports, opens up to allow access. The two sides are tied together by a series of occupiable bars that span from side to side at different heights, allowing people of different shapes and sizes to find their ideal place to lean on and hang out.

The minimal quality of the project is emphasized by the strong colour that ties it together and helps to claim space within the street while providing a light-hearted identity. As a sculptural armature ‘Ziggy’ is an open-thick boundary, a zone of possibilities that asks to be used and prompts appropriation.