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DotDotDot-1-bigger canvas.jpg
DotDotDot-2-bigger canvas.jpg


proposal, 2015

The structure is made up of powder-coated metal rings of 3, 4 and 5 meter diameters, stacked on one another forming a loose mound. The interior of each of the white rings is filled with a variety of textured and coloured material: wood decking, rubber, pebbles, astroturf and sand. Each of these surface elements offers possibilities in terms of tactile and haptic sensations, as well as softness, hardness, firmness or bouncy-ness. It is the combination of the various rings and the sequence and variety of experiences that a child can have in traversing the sculpture which will provide a true multitude of encounters. There is no correct way of exploring and inhabiting the installation, since its design lends itself to independent interpretation, thereby allowing occupation by different users and age groups at the same time.

What separates DOT DOT DOT from typical playground equipment is the abstract nature of the parts and the un-prescriptive type of occupation it encourages. What separates it from sculpture is that the work is clearly meant to be touched, used and climbed. Thus through the formal language of simple repeating circular forms a multifaceted experience for all inhabitants of the city is achieved. 


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