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PLAY/GROUND exhibition, Medina, NY 2018

commissioned by Resource:Art

Responding to the ceiling, the wall and the floor, ‘Three Drawings’ is an exploration into the possible two and three-dimensional qualities of drawing using off-the-shelf construction materials. As lines marked in space the three drawings play with depth as an integral component of perception to create situations that question the conventions and techniques of the act of drawing itself.

Barrier tape, irrigation pipe and safety dots are utilitarian off-the-shelf products, yet taken out of their functional context heightens their particular qualities: flat and linear; volumetric and sinuous; refracting and reflective. These qualities are explored, tested and re-presented as part of the installation. Using these materials in a straightforward if unconventional way brings forth a directness and immediacy to their experience.

The project thus presents drawings as constructs that relate to the human body and that are meant to be interacted with not only viewed. The playful and colourful qualities of the installations trigger a sense of wonder though everyday materials explored in unconventional ways.  


Prismatic Reflective Drawing

3 panels, 37 x 49" each, 2018
Aluminum, Prismatic reflective safety tape

‘Prismatic Reflective Drawing’ seeks to decontextualize ordinary materials to represent them in playful, unexpected ways. The triptych is composed from the same off-the-shelf construction materials as traffic signs: prismatic reflective safety dots and aluminum. The randomly dispersed and colored 9x12 grid of circles create a subtle ambiguity and tension within a rigid system across the three panels. The result is a composition of flat elements that play with depth and reflectivity producing a pattern that subtly mirrors its context and changes with the intensity of ambient light and movement of the viewer.